With your busy lifestyles, it can be hard to find the time to attend weekly training classes and keep up with the “homework” for our pups training. With a variety of Board and Train options your pup can stay with us, have a regular routine of selective group playtime, combined with rest and relaxation while participating in daily private training time with our group of experienced trainers!
The process will always start with an assessment with one of our trainers to determine the needs of your dog and the goals you are wanting to achieve.
​Your program depends on you and your dogs needs but some general categories include the following:
  • DAY Training (2-3 Week Program):
    Whether your dog struggles with socialization, anxieties/fears or just wanting to get your pup off to the right start with some basic commands, our Custom Daycare Training Program can help!

    This program is designed around the daycare day, you will drop off your dog in the morning (7-9am) and pick up each evening (5-6pm). Your pet will enjoy playtime and fun, but also receive 2 hours of dedicated 1-on-1 training with our professional trainer each day.
  • Super Star PUPPY Program (3 Week Program):
    Puppies are so cute and sweet, but everyone knows that pups can be challenging.  If they were easy you wouldn’t be looking into puppy training, hoping to stop those unwanted and annoying behaviours.  Ready to help you puppy onto the path of being the best new member of your family that they can be?  Then our new Super Star Puppy Program is what you’re looking for!

    Housebreaking, kennel training, that excited puppy biting and jumping are always at the TOP of every new pup parents wish lists.  Besides getting a handle on all of those unwanted behaviours that comes with every pup, laying a proper foundation from the beginning will save you many future headaches. Paws Republic’s Super Star Puppy Program is designed to give you puppy the best start possible!

  • BASIC Board & Train (3 Week Program):
    Program designed to give your dog a solid foundation of obedience commands, loose-leash walking, impulse control exercises, socialization and recall.

  • INTERMEDIATE Board & Train (30 Day Program):
    Program that not only focuses on solid obedience skills but we also focus on unwanted behaviours, including but not limited to light leash reactivity, jumping, mouthing, counter surfing, etc.

  • ADVANCED Board & Train (45 Day Program):
    Program for dogs that are displaying more advanced behavioral issues such as aggression towards people, severe leash reactivity, resource guarding or are struggling with anxiety/fear issues
After our time with your furry friend, we will offer private lessons with you to show you how much your dog has progressed during there stay and to teach you how to handle your newly trained
best friend!

No matter which program is chosen, we require:
  • Full assessment with one of our trainers.
  • Full commitment from the the dog's owner/family to the required private lessons during and after the program.
  • Proof that your dog is up-to-date with current vaccinations.

Interested in this type of training?
Email us at PawsRepublic@gmail.com or call (306)934-PAWS/7297
to discuss your needs and our programs! 

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