$325 for 1 dog and $620 for two dogs from the same family!

Our 4 day Stay & Play Camp is dedicated to training through play, and finding out what makes your dog tick!

Each dog is different, so why should we expect them all to play the same way?

Some dogs are motivated by food, others by toys, and some love using their nose! At the end of the camp, we will be able to find your dog a healthy outlet for all their energy, and will provide you with a variety of activities to do with your dog to keep them busy, improve your relationship and enhance your training.

Your dog will have access to our slat treadmill, spring pole, weight pull, wall climb, agility equipment, scent boxes, flirt poles and much more!

Not only that, but during their stay with us, they will benefit from our structured small-group daycare in between training sessions. Whether your dog is confident or nervous, or anything in between, they will be able to safely socialize with other dogs within their comfort level while gaining crucial social skills.

A little more info on some of the activities we offer and an ongoing opportunity after the camp....

GRC Dogsports is a new breed of dog sport. It seeks to celebrate and test not only the dog’s gameness (G), but the relationship (R) with the handler, and the dog’s self control (C). Even though we are doing the drive sports associated with the APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier), we are open to all breeds. The sports we offer competition in are:

Treadmill Race

Weight Pull

Wall Climb

Spring Pole

And we are the first club EVER in Canada!

The mission of GRC Dogsports is to provide PEOPLE with the motivation to give their dogs the training they need to thrive in this world, and a healthy place to put all of their natural drives. We want to re-purpose the old APBT games to show not just the amazing gameness and relationship, but also the control and teamwork you can achieve through training.

The beautiful thing about GRC is it is for EVERY person and EVERY dog.

You don't have to be involved in the dog sport world or even know what you are doing, you just have to have to show up and have an interest in playing with your dog!

Your dog doesn't even need to be " well mannered " We offer support for those owners and dogs who are struggling and we rotate through dogs during the club meeting so every dog gets a chance to play no matter their social ability! This is a judgement free space to build a better relationship with your dog!

Our goal is to bring the pet dog world and the sport dog world closer together and offer support to one another.

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