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To be an industry leader & positive influence in all aspects of our human & animal relationships and daily interactions. We are committed to employing

professional, knowledgeable and experienced staff who

add value to all services we offer.

Paws Republic Flag

Our owner, who we lovingly call Bosslady,

opened the doors of Paws Republic Centre for Pets in Martensville, SK, on December 21, 2012

Her vision was to create an urban-style inclusive pet facility where her and her staff could offer a variety of services for families and pets who may not always fit the mold. A place were they could provide personal care for pets with unique needs and preferences. A place where owners feel like their pets are a part of a family that has cleanliness, safety, comfort and fun all in one place.


Core Values

Client Service

We are committed to providing personalized care for each client by carefully assessing

and listening to their needs and the needs of their pets.

Positive Attitude

We show up each day with our best foot forward, full of passion for animals and committed to growth, improvement and overcoming obstacles. We are committed to seeing opportunities for growth and improvement in all situations and challenges.



We work together as a team and empower each other to create a synergistic work environment focused on growth and development. We are committed to our clients and their pets, to each other, and to our long-term success.



We have a genuine love for all animals and care about our clients, which is why we look forward to spending each day with your pet, meeting and greeting all of you and giving your pets the love and attention they deserve.


Adaptive & Innovative

We prioritize finding the right services for you and your pet by incorporating ideas and strategies from an extremely broad spectrum of disciples, resources and educational approaches so that pet care is accessible to all.


Approachable & Accessible

Our clients are always welcome to openly express their goals, struggles and concerns. We will be transparent and ensure to provide a welcoming professional resource.



Our clients can be assured that their pets are in good hands while in our care as we are committed to attending to the physical, emotional, and environmental wellbeing.


All Points of View

Create a value-for-money yet profitable and unforgettable service experience from our pet’s, client’s, staff’s, owner’s, industry partner’s points of view.



With OVER 30 years of experience, our training team is made up of passionate individuals

who have devoted their lives to helping people & their pets.


We are a group of professional & certified trainers and behaviour consultants who are here to work WITH you!


Kristine O

Owner, Lifetime Animal Advocate,
Certified Dog Trainer, IACP Professional Member


I have surrounded myself with animals for as far back as I can remember. Growing up with dogs, cats, geckos and any other creature I could bring home with me because I felt they needed my love and attention.  This included leeches that, as a young girl, I "rescued" from my Dad's fishing supplies - much to his dismay I'm sure.  My family understood and encouraged my passion for animals.  I always dreamed of working with animals as a career and even co-founded a pet-sitting business in small town Saskatchewan in my pre-teen years.


No matter where my life path takes me, I will always find a way to give back to the animals. Working in a boarding kennel/daycare, volunteering for animal rescue organizations, fostering animals in need, rarely turning down an opportunity to pet-sit for friends or family, and of course, adopting a variety of pets to share my home with me.  I am now fortunate to have a human partner who shares my love of animals.  Life is good.


In early 2012, I traveled to British Columbia for an opportunity to take and to complete a certification course at the registered post secondary institute, Canada West Canine Centre, British Columbia.  Now a certified Professional Dog Trainer, I add entrepreneur to my list of accomplishments and opened my own business called "Paws Republic Boarding & Training Centre." It's a perfect fit between my love of pets, learning and sharing what I learn, and my desire to help those in need - whether animal or animal guardian. 

Saskatchewan is my home - the province I love.  I want to share my passion as a certified Professional Dog Trainer with dog lovers in the Saskatoon area.


Certified Master Dog Trainer

Animal Enthusiast


My family and I have had animals in our household, especially dogs, for as long as I can remember.  My love of animals was always the center of whatever I did, so I decided to turned that passion into a career.  I went to Salmon Arm, BC and in July of 2014 and received my certification as both an Obedience Trainer and a Canine Master Trainer.  With what I learned there and with my work in the canine industry, during and prior my schooling, I have an accumulative 5 years experience working with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

I had started my own business doing dog-walking and obedience training in September of 2014, but Kristine offered me an opportunity in February of 2015, to expand my skills and learn from someone who has been in the business for much longer than myself.  I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back.


I enjoy teaching dogs and working with their owners, and teaching them how to live happily with each other in their everyday lives.  I love working with young dogs and puppies, watching them learn and grow, and become great companions for their people. I also enjoy working on the fun side of obedience, with things like Rally-O and trick training. 


But what I love most about training is working and challenging dogs, and their people, to do more! To have fun, and not see obedience as a means to an end, but as a fun way to work and communicate with your dog, so both the dog's life and the life of their people can be the harmonious bond that people think of when they hear the words "man's best friend.

We have an amazing team of dedicated staff who come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common - the love of animals!


We want to take this moment to thank them publicly for the hard work and passion they exhibit every day! 
Thank you, Paws Team, for treating the business and our clients with love and respect! 

We couldn't do this without you! 




All through my lifetime so far I’ve surrounded myself with animals and pets; dogs, cats, and even hamsters. Growing up in northern Saskatchewan meant I even tried to get my parents to let me bring every stray I found home because it was cold outside and I wanted them to be in the house with us, I was only successful once.


Though I’ve loved all the pets I’ve had growing up nothing prepared me for owning a dog as an adult. I was lucky in the fact I adopted my first dog as a “grown up”, he is an amazing dog, so I decided 1 year later to adopt another. From the moment we rescued her she was a handful. We went through trainer after trainer. I learned a lot, and it really drew me into the field of training. I’d like to think I found this passion for a reason, because it came to no surprise to anyone that this is the job I am meant to be in. I love being able to help foster the bonds between owner and pet, no matter what that bond and relationship may look like. 


In my off time, when I get it, as I am also currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies, I’m with my family. My partner and my dogs and I love to work on tricks and games, go for walks, take naps, watch TV and just all around spend time together. With one dog we play what seems like never ending rounds of fetch, and with the other we love participating in GRC.





Growing up, I always had a desire to work with animals.. I believe it was 2007, when a receptionist position opened up at the animal clinic my mom worked at, and I knew I had to try it! I begged my mom for the opportunity, and she graciously said yes! With 0 regrets, I fell in love with the job and all that came with it. I went on to work at two more animal clinics after this, but suddenly realizing that I often found myself wanting to stay in the back and help handle the animals. This made me realize that maybe I needed to take my interest to a new level, and try something where I was more head on with the animals.

That’s when I found paws! Paws was so busy and exciting on a regular basis, and never failed to keep me on my toes. I fell in love with the dogs there, and seeing exactly how different dogs could really be, and learning different personalities and how to handle them. The hard work really drew me in, as there was so much to learn that was a completely different element than what I was used to.

As covid got worse, I decided to pack up my life and move to Moose Jaw for a little while. While living here, I found a job at a kennel that introduced grooming to me. The amount of patience and focus that was required for this skill made me really want to indulge in it, and work every day to get better.

As I take my life back to Saskatoon, I am so lucky to get the opportunity to start grooming at the place I loved so much before I moved. Paws! I am so excited to take grooming to the next step and continue to better my skills everyday and work with the amazing animals I know and love!






I am one of the kennel attendants here at Paws Republic! I’m currently in school for Veterinary Technology and for my entire life all I have ever confidently known has been animals of all shapes and sizes! 


I currently have two cats, Jasper and Willow. I’ve had Jasper since I was 6 years old and he is probably (definitely) one of the best boys you’ll ever meet. I recently welcomed Willow into my home and she is probably the cheekiest, sassiest and funniest little thing you’ll ever meet.


When I’m not in school or at work you can find me hiking, fishing, or at my best friends house claiming for the hundredth time I will in fact “steal her dogs” this time. 


At social gatherings, if there’s a dog to be found, that’s where you’ll find me. I’m thrilled to be part of the The Paws Republic team and look forward to coming to work every day to shower your pets with love!





I've been with Paws Republic since November 2021 as a kennel attendant and an intern assistant dog trainer. I have spent the last 7 years in Saskatoon and area working in the pet industry, loving every minute. I also work part time at Evolution Raw Pet Food as well as offering my own dog walking services on the side.


I have loved animals of all shapes and sizes since I can remember, but always was most attached to my dogs. I grew up always being around animals such as dogs, cats, hamsters and rabbits which led to dreams of becoming a Veterinarian.

After highschool graduation I moved to Saskatoon to attent the Veterinary Technology program at Saskpolytech and proudly convocated in 2019. I applied for my first pet related job at a doggy daycare and boarding kennel to work weekends while in tech school, and I got the job! It was a dream come true and began my love for working with dogs.


In 2019 I adopted my very first dog, Nova, a SPCA rescue bully mix who ignited my passion for the misunderstood bully breeds. This led me to Paws Republic and their GRC dog sports club that was originally created as an outlet for bully breed type dogs, but has now turned into a club around the globe for any breeds. I am proudly heading GRC Republic now with my fellow trainers and intern trainers.


Outside of work I enjoy hanging out with Nova and my cat Mr. Ciggy, taking Nova for walks by the river, as well as cooking and baking for my friends and family. 




Kaitlyn B

I'm currently finishing my Animal Bioscience degree at the U of S and I am looking to further my career in animal behaviour.


I have had animals for as long as I can remember and have always loved helping people care for their fur babies and helping my animals be as happy and fulfilled as they can be!


 When I'm not working at Paws or working on my degree, you can find me doing something with my dog Iris as well as some of the dogs that I help foster while they wait for their forever homes!



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