Here at Paws Republic Centre for Pets, we strive for excellence through our focus on customer service, community involvement, commitment to exceeding industry standards, and of course, by paying close attention to the needs of your pets! 

Our owner, who we lovingly call Bosslady, opened the doors of Paws Republic Centre for Pets 
in Martensville, SK, on December 21, 2012.

Her vision was to create an urban-style inclusive pet facility where her and her staff could offer a variety of services for families and pets who may not always fit the mold. A place were they could provide personal care for pets with unique needs and preferences. A place where owners feel like their pets are a part of a family that has cleanliness, safety, comfort and fun all in one place. 


With over 30 years of experience, our training team is made up of passionate individuals who have devoted their lives to helping people and their pets.


We are a group of professional and certified trainers and behaviour consultants who are here to work for you! 

Owner, Lifetime Animal Advocate, Certified

Dog Trainer


I have surrounded myself with animals for as far back as I can remember. Growing up with dogs, cats, geckos and any other creature I could bring home with me because I felt they needed my love and attention.  This included leeches that, as a young girl, I "rescued" from my Dad's fishing supplies - much to his dismay I'm sure.  My family understood and encouraged my passion for animals.  I always dreamed of working with animals as a career and even co-founded a pet-sitting business in small town Saskatchewan in my pre-teen years.


No matter where my life path takes me, I will always find a way to give back to the animals. Working in a boarding kennel/daycare, volunteering for animal rescue organizations, fostering animals in need, rarely turning down an opportunity to pet-sit for friends or family, and of course, adopting a variety of pets to share my home with me.  I am now fortunate to have a human partner who shares my love of animals.  Life is good.


In early 2012, I traveled to British Columbia for an opportunity to take and to complete a certification course at the registered post secondary institute, Canada West Canine Centre, British Columbia.  Now a certified Professional Dog Trainer, I add entrepreneur to my list of accomplishments and opened my own business called "Paws Republic Boarding & Training Centre." It's a perfect fit between my love of pets, learning and sharing what I learn, and my desire to help those in need - whether animal or animal guardian. 

Saskatchewan is my home - the province I love.  I want to share my passion as a certified Professional Dog Trainer with dog lovers in the Saskatoon area.

Certified Master Dog Trainer

Animal Enthusiast


My family and I have had animals in our household, especially dogs, for as long as I can remember.  My love of animals was always the center of whatever I did, so I decided to turned that passion into a career.  I went to Salmon Arm, BC and in July of 2014 and received my certification as both an Obedience Trainer and a Canine Master Trainer.  With what I learned there and with my work in the canine industry, during and prior my schooling, I have an accumulative 5 years experience working with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

I had started my own business doing dog-walking and obedience training in September of 2014, but Kristine offered me an opportunity in February of 2015, to expand my skills and learn from someone who has been in the business for much longer than myself.  I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back.


While I enjoy teaching dogs and working with their owners, and teaching them how to live happily with each other in their everyday lives, what I love most is working and challenging dogs to do more.  My dog and I are in training to become a certified SAR (search and Rescue) Dog and Handler Team, as well as working to start Saskatchewan’s first Search Dog Association.  I also enjoy doing line-tracking, and I’m also starting to learn what it takes to be in competitive obedience, and will hopefully be able to bring these skills to you in the future.

Dog Trainer, GRC Instructor


I have a background in working with young offenders and homeless youth so you can say patience and compassion to help, comes naturally to me. I have owned dogs all through my life and have been volunteering with rescues for the past 5 years, fostering and offering support to other fosters.


I have always had a soft spot for drivey dogs like bully breeds and have fostered them exclusively. I also own 3 dogs; my 9 year old bully breed mix, Link; My 3 year old doberman Frankie; and my 4 year old shepherd /husky/Rottweiler mix Raven...and a ton of reptiles. 


I have been mentoring under Kristine Becky and recently Christina for over 2 years now at Paws Republic! I knew this was my place when I heard about our new dog sport GRC - my passion is helping misunderstood dogs and humans have a better relationship with one another and seeing 'difficult' dogs thrive is the reason I do what I do.


I knew how alienating life felt with reactive dogs and I don't want anyone else to feel that way, with no where to turn. I want to work with owners to find the best approach that works for their dog because EVERY dog is different and every dog should have an opportunity to do the things they love.


As a dog trainer, my specialty is GRC Dogsports, Finding biologically fulfilling activities for dogs,  E collar training, muzzle training and making dog sports accessible for people and their dogs.


I'm also the in-house pet photographer!

Behaviour Consultant, Instructor, Trainer


I grew up on a beef farm in rural Manitoba surrounded by livestock, horses, and my mom's Australian Shepherds which meant that my love of animals has been nurtured since the time I could stand up enough to look out the window when my dad took me with him to check the cows. My very first introduction to dogs happened when I was around four years old. A Dobermann by the name of 'Sarge' was my near constant companion and he is undoubtedly the reason why I became as committed to being a part of the dog world as I am. When Sarge passed I promised myself I would have my own Dobermann when I grew up and it was a promise I kept. Eventually. 


Despite my deep and abiding love for all things canine, I didn't have a chance to really get into dog teaching and training until I moved to Saskatoon approximately fifteen years ago and acquired a Dobermann with a host of medical and behavioural problems that I needed to solve - and quick. I enrolled in a local obedience class and decided almost immediately that I wanted to learn how to teach so that I could help people and their dogs as well.  


Throughout the last fifteen years I have been involved in almost every aspect of dog training, rescue, sports, etc. that you can think of. I spent two years at the Saskatoon SPCA as a Health Wing Attendant and on call Animal Protection Officer, coordinated the Bully Breed division of a local independent rescue, taught obedience classes for 13+ years, interned at a military and police dog training facility in the US, went to every dog sport seminar and event that I could manage, and immersed myself completely in learning all things Dog with the goal of using that knowledge and experience to help pet dogs and their owners live happy, healthy, and harmonious lives.  


Nothing makes me happier than to help people develop amazing relationships with their dogs so that they can experience the joy and richness that dogs can add to our lives. After all, life is better when dogs are part of it (which is likely why I have eight of my own)! My areas of expertise include reactivity, dog aggression, canine psychology, and - my personal favourite - helping owners to train their dogs to behave politely on-leash so that they can enjoy every minute of their walks together.  


I am absolutely thrilled to have been asked to train at Paws Republic and look forward to the opportunity to continue helping the people and dogs of Saskatoon!  

Kristine O


Stephanie A

Christina C

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We have an amazing team of dedicated staff who come from all walks of life,
but have one thing in common - the love of animals!


We want to take this moment to thank them publicly for the hard work and passion they exhibit every day! 
Thank you, Paws Team, for treating the business and our clients with love and respect! 

We couldn't do this without you! 



6-323 Centennial Dr S

Martensville, SK CANADA


Mon - Fri :

7am - 1pm & 3pm - 6pm


Saturday :

9am - 1pm & 3pm - 6pm

Sunday :
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306-934-PAWS (7297)

*Hours are subject to change during holiday seasons*

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