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GRC & Dog Sport Club Night

A fun night of Dog Sports for you and your pup!

Service Description

Paws Republic GRC and All Breeds Dog Sport Club Welcome to the New and Improved Paws Republic GRC club. We will be expanding our Club to include a chance to try out other sports, from Agility, Rally Obedience, Open Obedience, Scent Detection, with potentially more to come. This club will run on Wednesdays from 5pm-7pm, and we will be focusing on 2 sports a night, one from GRC and another sport. We are not affiliated with any Kennel Club, but can help you register with the CKC if your dog shows promise in the sport, and help you connect with sport specific clubs if you wish. This is for those that either want to dabble in different sports before making a big commitment, or those that just want to do something fun with your dog. Since Paws Republic will always be a space that caters to all dogs, of all breeds, shape, size, and temperament, there will be a few rules that everyone needs to follow. All dogs must be in a kennel when it is not their turn on the floor. There will be kennels that can be used at the facility, or you can bring your own, or leave your dog in your car. IF your dog can be calm on leash (ie: no barking, minimal whining, no straining towards other dogs/people) they may be kept out on leash next to their handler. This is also something that we will help you work towards with your dog, as we want EVERYONE to be able to be out and about and enjoy the club atmosphere. Our goal as a club is to promote doing more with your dog, but also increasing expectations on their behaviour so they can be out with their people, cheering on their friends as we all enjoy doing fun things with our dogs. Club Price is $125/month (+tax). What this includes is Wednesday and Sunday club nights, plus 10, 45 minute slots, throughout the month, to use the training facility. During these 45 minutes you can work your dog indoors on sports you’re participating in, work on your dog’s obedience, or to just come play out of the cold, wind, or rain. You’ll have access to the equipment and one of our trainers will be on hand to help if needed, or to answer any questions, often working with one of our clients' dogs, fosters, or our personal dogs. Club packs expire after 30 days, and you must book time online to come use the facility. While we cannot guarantee private use, more often than not, you will have the facility to yourself, outside our trainers. This fee will also go towards maintaining club equipment, building maintenance, and buying future equipment

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