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Small Park:
Our small park is 4 acres, with some small open spaces, a picnic table, and what we affectionally call our hide-away trails.  These trails cut through the trees and provide a magical experience any time of the year.  This park is great for those people and dogs who enjoy a shorter walk or throwing the ball around.

Medium Park:
The Medium Park is our 7 acre "adventure park".  It boasts several kilometers of trails, through trees and open spaces.  This park also plays hosts to the infamous Helicopter, which is occasionally occupied by some cheeky Pigeons. There are several structures through out the large open space that dogs can run into, onto and around, and explore to their hearts content.

Large Park:
Last, but certainly not least, our large park boasts 10 acres of large open spaces, trails, a hidden pond in the spring and early summer, and a lookout point from which you can see the whole property.  This park is currently unfenced and backs the highway, so some caution is required. This park is great for those dogs who have amazing recall and love to explore and sniff all the critters that wander through this park at night 

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