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Training Programs

With a busy lifestyle, we know how hard it can be to find the time to attend weekly training classes, and keep up with the “homework.”  Here at Paws Republic we offer a variety of unique and customisable programs to suit every need!


Day Training Programs

Need help on recall? Leash Walking? Or even a start on your dog's basics?

Our Day Train Programs are fantastic for building a foundation for simple behaviours or basic obedience, giving owners a jump start on their dogs training.​  With 1, 2 , or 3 week options, we can help get your dog started on a variety of different behaviours based on your needs!

1 week: Single skills like leash walking, recall. place, and more.

2 weeks: Multiple skills over two weeks and creating a solid foundation across all skills.

3 weeks: Multiple skills, mild behaviour modification


(Mild Reactivity Allowed No Major Behavioural Issues)

Adventure Dog Level 1: Tender Pad

A Board & Train program designed to give your puppy aged 10 weeks to 6 months the right start on their journey. This is a 2 week program where we build your dogs communication, and start on a foundation of learning and fun that you can continue to build on as they age. The most important aspect of this program is proper socialisation and exposure to everyday things in a safe way that allows them to explore, learn, and grow at their pace, keeping their confidence and curiosity high.


Adventure Dog Level 2: Ace Explorer

This Board & Train program takes the foundation that has been already started ( at home or other training programs), and we continue to build it up. This is an in depth program designed to solidify their obedience in a variety of locations such as pet friendly stores, downtown walks, off leash trails, and more. We get your dog basic adventure ready (+ all commands e-collar conditioned ) in 4 weeks.


Adventure Dog Level 3: K9 Pathfinder

This is an intensive 2 week boot camp to get all of your dog’s obedience solidified in various high distraction areas in urban and rural environments, out of sight recall, all on the e-collar, so you can go anywhere leash laws allow. Take your dog on the best adventure ever with you and make some amazing memories. (For graduates of our Canine Explorer Program or dogs that have taken classes or lessons with us) 

Mountain Lake Reflection

Reach out to our trainers today and chat with us about which program may be best for you and your dog.

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