Dog Running

$45 per 1/2 Hour 

Trainer Assisted Activities

Have you ever seen a dog sport, maybe on TV or Youtube, and thought, "Wow!  I would love to try that with my dog!"  But you weren't sure where to start?

Allow us to help you through some of the basics of nearly every dog sport available, with Trainer Assisted Activities. 


You pick a sport, and we can match you with one of our trainers, who can then walk you through the basics.  We'll show you some of the equipment necessary and walk you through some of the skills that you would do in your chosen sport of interest.

  • Agility

  • Nosework

  • Rally

  • Disc

  • GRC

  • & so much MORE !   


If there's a sport that interests you, we can help! 

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Dog Lover

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Sevice Dog Training

Our trainers offer specialized support for those who are in need of a service dog and wish to train their own dogs. 


We offer private lessons to work on skills from the most basic of obedience skills, all the way up to training for tasks to help mitigate and manage a handlers specific disability.

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Matching Goldens

Daycare & Boarding Options

Safe Socializing

Paws Republic's socializing is unique! 

  • Small Groups or 1-on-1  based 

  • Rotation System

  • Rest Breaks

  • Enrichment Activities 

We match, size, age, temperament, AND play-style, so that the dogs get the most out of their day with us, and have as many good experiences as possible!


This means...

  • No Breed Restrictions

  • No Age Restrictions

  • Intact Dogs Accepted

  • All Temperaments Welcome

We provide a setting for dogs of ALL levels of social ability to join us as we assist in their growth and development in a safe, structured and loving setting! 

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6-323 Centennial Dr S

Martensville, SK CANADA



Mon - Fri :

7am - 1pm & 3pm - 6pm

Saturday :

9am - 1pm & 3pm - 6pm

Sunday :
1pm - 9pm

306-934-PAWS (7297)

*Hours are subject to change during holiday seasons*

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