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“My little dog – a heartbeat at my feet.” – Edith Wharton

Puppy Portrait

$350 + GST Great Deal! 

Right Paw Puppy Package

Getting a new puppy is an extremely exciting time but it can also be somewhat stressful! A lot goes into the successful raising of your ideal household companion and the amount of contradictory information available out there can be overwhelming. That is exactly why we decided to create a puppy-centric program tailored to help you with your individual puppy's specific needs and also to provide information and support regarding a number of things that new puppy owners will or may encounter in the first few months. 


Basically, The Right Paw Puppy Package is designed to get you started off on the right... Paw (see what we did there?)!  


This program includes the following: 


  • 4 session consisteing of one 1 hour and three 45 minute private sessions done in the comfort of your own home.

  • An informational packet filled with pamphlets on food, toys, common training issues and behaviours, socialization, house training, indications that you may need to visit a veterinarian, spay/neutering, and more!** 

  • A $25.00 coupon for any of our Puppy Primer or Real World Obedience Foundation sessions provided you sign up within six months of the completion of your Puppy Package 

  • Next to unlimited trainer support via text and email 

  • Discounts on some future daycare & socializing events. 


$350.00 + GST and is due and payable when booking your first private session.  


You have six weeks from the date of your first session to complete the program prior to its expiration. That means that you can schedule your sessions for times you find work best around busy work, school, and extracurricular lives!  


*Homes located more than 5km outside of Martensville, Warmn, or Saskatoon city limits will be charged mileage at $0.55/km.  


**Your information packet is provided via email in PDF format however a paper copy is available by request for an additional $25.00 plus applicable taxes.  



Options & Variety Available!

Puppy-Centric Classes

Looking for Socializing & Puppy Raising Education for you & your puppy who is 
8 weeks-16 weeks of age? 


Ready to move on to obedience and more? 


We will take steps to ensure your goals are a focus even in our larger groups amidst a variety of ages and temperaments! 


Safe & Supportive Environment

Safe Daycare & Boarding

Our facility functions in a way that helps enrich and encourage puppy socializing and development! 

We do small groups & 1-on-1 socializing with like-minded pups to help your puppy have GOOD dog experiences! We want to build their confidence and skills with your heart in mind! 



There are half day and full day options, package options for multiple days, no added costs for down time, meal times etc and opportunities for so much more! 

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New puppies come with loooooots of new experiences,

& loooooots of questions that we’d love to answer for you in a private setting with your family or with some of the programs we have to offer! Check them out below! 

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